Manu Worldstar

Manu WorldStar

Born in Johannesburg from Congolese parents, Manu WorldStar, real name Emmanuel Mutendji, is an artist with wide-ranging musical range. Although hip hop is his genre of choice, Manu's versatility has seen him delve successfully in afro pop as well RnB. His newly-released single, the stunning NaLingi, is set to take over the continent this year.


Manu WorldStar - NaLingi

Manu WorldStar - Shades ft. Luna Florentino & D.EE XCLSV

Manu WorldStar - YEWEN ft. Luna Florentino


Manu WorldStar - YEWEN ft. Luna Florentino

WE UP ft. D.EE XCLSV. Luna Florentino. Manu WorldStar. Tony X